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Abandoned Cars of Goa

Rewinding back to 1947, India was liberated from the British rule, spanning 90 years. Yet, while most of India enjoyed its freedom gleefully, Goa remained under Portuguese control. The smallest state of India, Goa, is tucked away on the West Coast and has now come to be known as the picturesque gem that it is. In lieu of its pristine beaches, magnificent churches and other snippets of Goan history, I take you back in time to be part of its automotive journey.

After India gained independence in 1947, one had scant options to purchase vehicles; the only options being Hindustan Motors, Premier Automobiles, Standard or Mahindra. However, a Goan could still import vehicles from anywhere in the world, at least up until 1961. This period in Goa (between 1947 and 1961) where one could import cars, was generally known as The Import Carnival.

After having lived in Goa for almost 10 years, one thing was for certain; the amount of of abandoned vintage cars on the streets was atypical. After years of collecting dust and rust, these cars hold their beauty, or yet, have some new elegance to it. Nature forced its unyielding way onto these invaluable treasures. For various odd reasons, people have left these monumental possessions they once saved up for months and months behind on the streets. There was a story here. A captivating blend between history and nature. As an observer, I thought it almost cruel to not capture these decaying fragments of history.

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